• FreeWheel Launches MRM Version 2.0

    FreeWheel, whose technology manages video ad inventory and monitors and allocates revenue across multiple syndication partners, gave me a heads up last week that it has launched the 2.0 version of its Monetization Rights Management platform.

    FreeWheel is one of the best examples of a company completely focused on the Syndicated Video Economy, recently announcing CBS and Warner Bros. as customers. The key MRM 2.0 enhancements include auto-translation of third-party ad server tags (which eliminates a layer of manual work), support for IAB in-video ad metrics and improved usability in its work flow.

    I caught up with Jed Simmons, COO/co-founder of Next New Networks, which was one of FreeWheel's first customers. Jed's particularly excited about how FreeWheel enables NNN to sell and easily implement specific ad packages across multiple partner sites. He's seen pieces of what FreeWheel does from other companies, but none that are as advanced or focused specifically on syndication's budding opportunities. MRM's advances are another example of why I'm predicting big things from the SVE in '09. The building blocks for syndication's success continue falling into place.

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