• Free On-Demand Webinar on The Future of Live Streaming With Viacom and Akamai

    I recently hosted a free webinar on The Future of Live Streaming, with guests Alec Hendry, Senior Director of Technology Convergence at Viacom and Henrik Eriksson, Service Line Manager at Akamai, which presented the webinar which is now available on-demand. Our round table discussion was followed by audience Q&A.

    If you or your colleagues are using live streaming as part of your content strategy or are thinking about doing so, I believe the webinar and Alec’s and Henrik’s insights/advice is invaluable.

    Our discussion spanned everything from strategic topics like which business models are being used successfully in live streaming to more operational topics like how latency, especially in live sporting events, is being resolved with advanced technology, plus lots of topics in between. Alec and Henrik have an incredible wealth of experience, having live streamed hundreds of events between them. I learned a ton listening to them.

    The webinar builds on a white paper I recently wrote for Akamai which features transcripts from interviews I conducted with 5 leading media executives at CBS News Digital, NBC Sports Digital, Nine Entertainment (Australia), Turner Broadcasting and Viacom about their live streaming initiatives. The white paper will be released shortly.

    Listen to the on-demand webinar, The Future of Live Streaming now!