• Encoding.com and Harmonic Partner For Cloud Transcoding

    Encoding.com and Harmonic have announced a partnership to offer unlimited cloud-based transcoding to content and service providers to convert broadcast-quality content into numerous other media formats for multi-screen delivery.

    Jeff Malkin, president of Encoding.com told me that there are 2 principal benefits of the partnership: 1) existing Harmonic ProMedia Carbon customers can use their presets/profiles to easily augment their own on-premise encoding infrastructure when workloads increase by utilizing Encoding.com cloud capacity, and 2) for new customers who want to tap use cloud transcoding instead of building their own infrastructure, they can use Encoding.com. In both situations transcoding costs and time to market are reduced.

    Jeff explained that the context for the partnership is that the lines between traditional broadcast workflows and digital workflows are continuing to blur, as the need to reach viewers are multiple screens becomes more urgent. Jeff sees the partnership as opening up lots of new opportunity for Encoding.com in working with traditional media companies.