• Eluvio Has Ambitious Vision for Next-Gen Video Delivery

    Startup Eluvio has an ambitious vision for next-gen video delivery that would enable content providers to bypass using traditional content delivery networks (CDNs). Eluvio has launched a software platform called Eluvio Content Fabric, which would stream live, linear, on-demand or hybrid video from a content provider’s single source file, eliminating the need for pre-generating and storing multiple files.

    Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio, explained that this more efficient approach would both improve the economics of video delivery and also create dynamic new content experiences. Lower delivery costs would result from reduced need for transcoding, cloud storage and aggregation.

    The Content Fabric software assembles and transcodes the video requested in real time with low latency targets of sub 3 seconds for live video and hundreds of milliseconds for on demand video, including associated metadata. All video delivered has built-in blockchain contracts to both track usage and provide access control (e.g. free, subscription, pay-per-use, etc.). Michelle sees the blockchain component as critical to creating enhanced business models like dynamic advertising, interactivity and content packaging. Open APIs are available to developers.

    Eluvio announced MGM Studios as its first public customer, using the platform for global streaming to web, mobile and TVE for select properties. SVP, Digital Jim Crosby said Eluvio has “delivered ultra-fast video loading, high quality playback and a cost efficient solution eliminating separate aggregation, transcoding and CDN services…” Munson said Eluvio is targeting both tier 1 and smaller video providers, all of whom she said are seeking greater control over their video delivery economics and pursuing direct-to-consumer business models.

    Eluvio’s vision is ambitious and the CDN industry is well-established and highly price competitive. But Munson, who was previously co-founder of Aspera, which pioneered the FASP file transport protocol with Serban Simu (also co-founder of Eluvio) and was acquired by IBM, are experts in the content distribution space, giving them insight into where opportunities to differentiate vs. CDNs exist. And with the video industry poised to get even more competitive, platforms that can offer cost reduction and business model flexibility will be highly valued.