• Complimentary Webinar, Tues, May 3rd: Unlocking the Value of Video Content Libraries

    Please join me for a complimentary webinar next Tuesday, May 3rd at 11am PT / 2pm ET, as Colin Dixon, senior partner at research firm The Diffusion Group, Mark Lemmons, CTO of Thought Equity Motion and I discuss how media companies can unlock the tremendous value in their video content libraries. At the conclusion of the webinar, a complimentary white paper will be distributed to all attendees.

    Media companies have traditionally had to live by the constraint that that once video is archived, it is "stranded," with its best monetization days most likely behind it. A combination of technical and business issues have conspired to limit the total potential ROI. As a result, media companies are sitting on mountains of valuable video content that hasn't been easily shared or monetized.

    Now however, a perfect storm of innovation, business model ingenuity and rapidly changing consumer preferences is changing all that. Projects like the NCAA Vault and ACC Vault, which are both powered by Thought Equity Motion, are showing that it is both possible - and profitable - to surface library content in unique and differentiated ways. In this timely webinar we'll explore the processes and best practices involved with media companies bringing video content libraries to life online.

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