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  • Brightcove Touts Acceptance of Updated Video Player

    Last September Brightcove released its updated Brightcove Player and today the company is sharing evidence of its broad acceptance across the online video ecosystem of advertising, analytics and quality of service companies.

    Key differentiators for the Brightcove Player include fast loading time (up to 70% faster than other players, according to head-to-head comparisons referenced by the company), support for HLS across all major mobile and desktop platforms, and a plugin architecture that enables easy third-party integrations. Combined, the company believes its player is the most powerful solution for publisher and distributors.

    The Brightcove Player is available through the Brightcove Perform player management service or Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform. As further support for its player, Brightcove also shared testimonials from executives at Akamai, Conviva, comScore, FreeWheel, IRIS.TV, LiveRail, Nice People at Work, SpotXchange and Videoplaza.

    From the publisher side, robust player technologies have become in increasingly important as work flows gain complexity due to proliferation of mobile and connected TV devices. From the viewer perspective, as video viewing goes longer-form and is perceived as more TV-like, quality of service and experience expectations continue to rise. As a result, demands on the player to be responsive also increase.

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