• Brightcove Launches Context Aware Encoding to Reduce Storage and Delivery Costs

    Brightcove has announced the beta availability of a new transcoding approach it calls Context Aware Encoding, which aims to save customers money through reduced storage and delivery bandwidth, while still optimizing visual quality.

    Context Aware Encoding optimizes a video’s parameters including resolution and frame rate, plus codec parameters including bitrate, codec profile and level in order to create a set of specific adaptive bitrates. All of this is done by analyzing the video using machine learning to optimize it for devices and bandwidth.

    Brightcove believes Context Aware Encoding can save customers up to 50% of its current storage expense and on average 40% of its bandwidth.

    The new transcoding approach addresses two of the provisions of Brightcove’s manifesto, which it released earlier this year - radically improving the user experience and reducing video operations and delivery costs by up to 50%.

    Brightcove made the announcement at its annual PLAY conference in Boston. Later today at PLAY I’ll be interviewing Stacey Shepatin, EVP, Director of National Video Investments at Trillia in a session titled “Cross Platform Video That Buyers Want.”