• Brightcove Doubles Global Customers to 1,800, Eyes Asia with New VP

    In a show of continued strength, Brightcove is announcing that in the first half of 2010, its customer base doubled to 1,800 media publishers worldwide. This was fueled in part by meeting demand overseas in Europe and Japan. Continuing to look towards Asia as its next major growth area, Brightcove also announced hiring Dennis Rose, a veteran from the software company Citrix, as vice president for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

    On top of expanding sales geographically, Brightcove is benefiting from the mushrooming uses of online video and the changing definition of a "media publisher" (this echoes Will's post about IBM's use of video from last week) For example, its Japanese subsidiary, Brightcove KK, signed a number of marketing and e-commerce companies from many different sectors, including high-end fashion, healthcare, and even Japan's very first Girls Professional Baseball League. Additionally, Brightcove has been making strides into the growing mobile space, adding Android support, HTML5 support, and more importantly working with Freewheel to help monetize that HTML5 video.

    Brightcove's momentum helps put its recent deal with Akamai into perspective. As Brightcove continues to scale, adding Akamai as an additional CDN partner makes perfect sense. Akamai will help Brightcove keep up with demand for more complex delivery services, while helping maintain competition on delivery costs. On the other side of the deal, Akamai benefits from Brightcove's continued growth, which further underscores OVPs' opportunities, especially in emerging markets.

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