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  • Break and Scripped.com Announce Screenwriting Contest Winner

    Something fun to get this summer week started: Break Media and Scripped.com have announced the winner of their recent contest to identify an up-and-coming screenwriter, produce his/her script and feature it on Break.com. From 300+ submissions, the winner is Evan Kaufman, a Boston-based comedian for his script, "The Cutest Website" (see below for video and enjoy, it's pretty funny).

    The Break/Scripped.com contest illustrates once again the larger point that online video is opening up new avenues for talented creators to be discovered and connect with their audiences. In the traditional TV world where there was finite shelf space, the odds against an aspiring writer breaking through were astronomical. The odds are still long though much better since with online video, there are many more outlets, more creative freedom, and many more ways to find an audience. Sites like Break, which has placed a huge emphasis on original content, are helping fuel this process.

    Coincidently, AP has a great article today on how the big broadcast TV networks have folded the digital studios they set up to produce online video series. While there are lots of reasons for this, the result is even more opportunity for independents like Break to grab mindshare among online entertainment viewers. As connected devices bring Break and other sites directly to the TV, the battle for attention in the living room will become even more competitive.

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