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  • 3 Video Predictions for 2012: Jivox's Diaz Nesamoney

    Following are 3 video predictions for 2012 from Diaz Nesamoney, founder, president and CEO of Jivox, a platform for interactive video advertising from creative customization to campaign execution and analytics.

    1. Rise of multi-screen TV advertising
    In 2012, expect TV advertisers to embrace an integrated, multi-screen approach to advertising. The traditional TV campaign will be extended to reach audiences across every channel: mobile, online and eventually, through connected TV devices and other cable set-top boxes. This means the somewhat unnatural divide between TV and digital advertising buys will go away and advertisers will have the opportunity for a single "digital TV" ad buy. In fact, it's already happening. Look at Roku:  Disney has started selling interactive ads on their Roku channel.

    2. Fade-out of the "dumb" pre-roll
    The annoying TV commercial turned pre-roll will be replaced by highly interactive and social in-stream video ads designed to engage and entertain users. The consumer of 2012 will expect value-added interactions across any screen, anytime, anywhere. (Thank highly interactive smart phones, tablets and social media for this shift in expectations). Users don't want to just sit and watch an annoying 30-second pre-roll ad for a car while waiting to view their favorite TV show online or on a tablet. They want to get value from that ad. They want to feel the experience of the car, learn about it, possibly find their local dealer and tell their friends about it.

    3. Proliferation of companion TV/social TV apps
    Traditional TV provides no real way for users to interact with content, so expect to see a wave of iPad and tablet apps hit the market that essentially extend the TV content and advertising experience. Users can interact with TV programming and other content, and have contextually relevant ads delivered on their tablet while they're watching TV. For example, say you're watching Glee on TV and there's a TV ad for Skechers. The companion/social TV app would detect that you're watching Glee and show you an interactive version of the Skechers ad that will allow you to see additional videos of the shoes, download a coupon, find the nearest store that carries them, and tell your friends you're going shoe shopping.
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