• 3 Video Predictions for 2012: Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3

    Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, an independent special interest video network, kicks of VideoNuze's year-end feature of posting the top 3 video predictions for 2012 from executives around the industry.

    1. Battle Lines Drawn: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google will emerge as the dominant competitors in the online video space.

    These are the ones that matter.  Apple will release their new TV with one or more partners, Google TV and YouTube will dominate the discussion early, Microsoft will see success in merging Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows 8, and Amazon will set the online video world on fire with Fire.  By the end of the year, everyone will be talking about Apple, but Amazon will be making the most money.

    2. 90% of YouTube's new channels will fail.  

    And that's OK, because the ones that succeed will serve as a pipeline for TV ad money to funnel into web original Online Video.  YouTube's program is a classic venture model, where they expect to lose 90% of the investment.  But if 10% succeed, that's a success.

    3. "Talk Dirty to Me" will take on an entirely new meaning as voice control of TVs takes a hilarious and in retrospect obvious left turn.

    Almost every new technology gets subverted and ultimately perverted by the adult entertainment industry. Talking to your TV opens up an entirely new type of "phone sex" that will make the unholy conjoining of Siri and Kinect a true pre-cursor to full-on teledildonics.