• 3 Video Predictions for 2012: CineSport's Gregg Winik

    Following are 3 video predictions for 2012 from Gregg Winik, CEO of CineSport, a web video syndication company that offers sports highlights online and on-demand.

    1. Original content matters
    With YouTube making a very public $100 million bet on original video, there are no longer any excuses left not to have a real video strategy. Many sites have dipped into the flood of generic third-party produced video that is making the rounds.  It's fine as filler, but it's like buying that shirt that's on sale at every mall, it fits pretty well in the store, but you end up looking like everybody else.  
    2. Custom content matters
    Most sites will not be able to go the YouTube route of trying to be all things to all people. They need to find partners that will produce video that matches their editorial voice. Like TV networks and even radio stations, strong sites create a brand and thereby make a promise to their audience to deliver a type and quality of content. When they deliver on that promise, they attract and retain those users.  
    3. Money matters
    So how does this all pay off? Increasingly, sponsors are measuring campaign success by engagement instead of the outdated click-through metrics. This is a critical change. Sponsorship money has been slow to move from television to the web, in part, because the content just hasn't been compelling enough. Now, with high quality content that is able to strongly engage users on the rise, the promise of the great migration is finally beginning to come true. And the sites that feature original, differentiated video content will find that users and the elusive television brand dollars will follow.