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News for 'Broadband ISPs'

Title Date Source
Apple Joins Latest Battle Over Net Neutrality 08-31-2017 Variety
Many of the FCC’s record-breaking 21 million net neutrality comments are duplicates - or come from suspicious sources 08-30-2017 Recode
Xfinity Mobile arrives to all of Comcast's markets 08-17-2017 Engadget
FCC faces backlash for saying Americans might not need fast home Internet 08-11-2017 Ars Technica
Verizon argues throttling video is allowed under net neutrality rules 07-25-2017 The Verge
Verizon accused of throttling Netflix and YouTube, admits to “video optimization” 07-21-2017 Ars Technica
Trump Wants To Gut Net Neutrality Rules 07-19-2017 Mediapost
Ajit Pai not concerned about number of pro-net neutrality comments 07-14-2017 Ars Technica
AT&T is joining online net neutrality protest. Say what? 07-11-2017 CNET
Facebook, Google Join Net Neutrality Protest 07-06-2017 Home Media
YouTube stars defend net neutrality in open letter to the FCC 07-06-2017 The Verge
Survey: Majority Want Net-Neutrality Rules 06-22-2017 Multichannel News
Netflix changes course and says it’ll ‘never outgrow the fight for net neutrality’ 06-15-2017 The Verge
Nearly Half of Broadband Consumers Subscribe to a Video OTT Service: Study 06-15-2017 Multichannel News
Net neutrality: Amazon among top internet firms planning day of action 06-06-2017 Guardian
Netflix CEO says net neutrality is ‘not our primary battle’ 05-31-2017 The Verge
AT&T: Blocking, Slowing Appear Allowable Under Title II 05-31-2017 Multichannel News
FCC Votes to Cut Back Net Neutrality Regulations 05-18-2017 Home Media
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai calls for a ‘lighter touch’ to internet regulation 05-03-2017 Recode
F.C.C. Chairman Pushes Sweeping Changes to Net Neutrality Rules 04-26-2017 NY Times
The FCC just relaxed more rules for telecom companies and TV station owners 04-20-2017 Recode
FCC Chairman Readies Net Neutrality Repeal 04-07-2017 Mediapost
Broadband providers reaffirm privacy policies amid FCC rules flap 03-31-2017 CNET
Top Cable Operators Dominate Broadband in 2016 03-17-2017 Multichannel News
Net neutrality DOA? Here's what's next for the internet 03-13-2017 CNET
Amazon shuts down its cable store, probably because ISPs are awful 03-03-2017 TechCrunch
FCC Chairman pledges to roll back net neutrality regulations during European address 02-28-2017 TechCrunch
Comcast Keeps Edge in Netflix’s ISP Speed Index 02-17-2017 Multichannel News
Google Fiber Taps New Leader Amid Restructuring 02-16-2017 Multichannel News
Trump’s F.C.C. Pick Quickly Targets Net Neutrality Rules 02-06-2017 NY Times
The plot to kill net neutrality 01-25-2017 Axios
Cox Broadens Rollout of Usage-Based Data Policy 01-24-2017 Multichannel News
Net neutrality foe Ajit Pai is the new head of the FCC 01-23-2017 Recode
Comcast Tops Netflix ‘ISP Speed Index’ for December 01-09-2017 Multichannel News
FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s departure is the death knell for net neutrality 12-15-2016 Recode
Trump transition team appointments indicate a bid to dismantle net neutrality 11-21-2016 TechCrunch
Cox brings its internet data caps to Florida and Georgia 11-12-2016 Engadget
Comcast’s gigabit cable will be in 15 cities by early 2017 11-02-2016 Ars Technica
Amazon might become ISP in Europe, but laws make US launch unlikely 10-18-2016 Ars Technica
Comcast's 1TB data caps start to roll out nationwide 10-06-2016 Engadget
Netflix asks FCC to declare data caps "unreasonable" 09-12-2016 Ars Technica
Comcast, Verizon Fios Tie as Fastest ‘Major’ U.S. ISP: Study 09-01-2016 Multichannel News
Alphabet to Cut Google Fiber Staff In Half: Report 08-24-2016 Multichannel News
Broadband Ups Cable Industry Forecast 08-11-2016 Home Media Magazine
Netflix makes it even easier to test internet speeds with app 08-09-2016 Mashable
Netflix’s cable box deal with Comcast won’t exempt it from data caps 07-25-2016 Ars Technica
After net neutrality loss, ISPs get ready to take case to Supreme Court 06-14-2016 Ars Technica
Verizon May Use 5G Wireless for Nationwide Home Broadband 05-24-2016 Fortune
Netflix Launches, New Tool To Check Your Internet Speed 05-18-2016 Forbes
Comcast is raising its monthly internet data cap to 1TB 04-27-2016 The Verge
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