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Barack Obama

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  • Obama Proposes Regulating Broadband as a Utility Posted on 11-10-2014

    This morning President Obama made his strongest endorsement yet for net neutrality, releasing a statement and video (see below) explicitly endorsing the reclassification of broadband services under Title II...

  • Putting the Broadband Inauguration's Flameout Into Perspective Posted on 01-23-2009

    There has been no shortage of stories in the last few days about the travails many people experienced when trying to watch President Obama's inauguration via broadband. While...

  • The Broadband Inauguration and Beyond Posted on 01-20-2009

    Another milestone in broadband video's evolution will be marked today with the first "Broadband Inauguration." Like last summer's Olympic games, broadband will make it possible for...

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