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Title Date Source
Comcast Set For Its Own IPTV Service To Fight AllVid? 10-11-2011 ReelSEO
Will FCC Net Neutrality Rules Survive Court? 10-11-2011 AdWeek
D.C. Circuit to Hear Net Neutrality Rule Challenges 10-07-2011 B&C
Verizon Challenges FCC`s Net Neutrality Rules, Again 10-03-2011 AdWeek
Free Press Loves Net Neutrality, Not FCC`s Rules 09-29-2011 AdWeek
Diller: Cash Keeps Hollywood Quiet On Net Neutrality 09-15-2011 B&C
FCC measures US wireline advertised broadband speeds, fiber dominates cable and DSL 08-03-2011 Engadget
White House Defends Net Neutrality Rules, Disses Defunding 07-14-2011 B&C
AllVid Alliance: `Shiny` Apps Aren`t Replacement For Open Video Standard 07-11-2011 Multichannel News
Powell Pushes Marketplace As Video Uniter 07-08-2011 Multichannel News
FCC Finishes Net Neutrality Rule Review 07-01-2011 B&C
FCC`s Genachowski on broadband, TV apps and retrans fights 06-16-2011 NewTeeVee
Air War: It`s TV vs. phones in Washington`s explosive broadband battle 05-25-2011 AdWeek
Fox`s latest anti-AllVid FCC filing suggests new pay-TV service is coming to gaming consoles 05-17-2011 Engadget
Kerry Seeks FCC Cable Rate Analysis 05-11-2011 B&C
Julius Genachowski draws ire from all sides 05-09-2011 Politico
Waters: FCC`s Net Neutrality Rules Could Harm Consumers 05-05-2011 B&C
FCC Adds Internet Delivery to Video Competition Report 04-21-2011 Television Broadcast
Noon Start for FCC Net Rule-Blocking Bill 04-08-2011 B&C
House Debates FCC Net Neutrality Rules 04-06-2011 B&C
White House Advisers: President Should Veto Net Neutrality-Blocking Bill 04-05-2011 B&C
Dems, Republicans Still Strongly Divided Over Net Regs 03-15-2011 B&C
DTV Pioneer Goodmon Pitches FCC On Alternative Broadband Plan 03-14-2011 Multichannel News
House GOP One Step Closer to Killing Net Neutrality Rules 03-10-2011 AdWeek
Survey Says: Consumers Concerned About Net Access 03-09-2011 Multichannel News
NCTA`s McSlarrow Explains Backing for Net-Neutrality Order 03-08-2011 Multichannel News
House Subcommittee Slates March 9 For 2nd Net Neutrality Hearing 03-03-2011 B&C
Boehner Says Vote To Invalidate Net Rules Could Come In March 02-28-2011 B&C
House Republicans Nix `Net Neutrality` Funding 02-20-2011 Home Media Magazine
Fight Over Net Neutrality Heats Up 02-18-2011 AdWeek
Tech Firms, Best Buy Form Alliance To Push FCC AllVid Gateway 02-17-2011 Multichannel News
FCC Chairman Defends Net Neutrality Turf 02-16-2011 B&C
Is Level 3 Right About Net Neutrality? 02-14-2011 Light Reading
Fixed Broadband Provider Criticizes Net Neutrality Regs 02-14-2011 B&C
Can cable block the Google TV revolution? 02-11-2011 Ars Technica
House Subcommittee Schedules Net Neutrality Hearing For Feb. 16 02-10-2011 Multichannel News
NCTA to FCC: Google Proposal Would Wreak Havoc With MVPD Model 02-10-2011 B&C
Global Crossing: FCC Should Regulate Internet Interconnection Fees 02-08-2011 Multichannel News
F.C.C. to Propose Expanding Broadband Service to Underserved Areas 02-07-2011 NY Times
DirecTV Asks FCC To Clarify What An `MVPD` Is 02-03-2011 Multichannel News
Net Neutrality Hearing Slated For Feb. 16 02-01-2011 B&C
FCC Says Neutrality Challenge Premature 01-31-2011 Online Media Daily
NCTA: Broadband Video Migration Needs No FCC Push 01-27-2011 B&C
Netflix lobbying for broadband consumers to subsidize Netflix 01-27-2011 Digital Society
When It Comes to Net Neutrality, Get Ready for Gridlock on Hill 01-26-2011 AdWeek
MetroPCS Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality Rules 01-25-2011 Multichannel News
Republicans Praise Net Neutrality Reg Court Challenge 01-21-2011 B&C
Democrats Likely to Put Up a Fight Over Net Neutrality 01-20-2011 Mediaweek
Verizon fires legal shot against Net neutrality rules 01-20-2011 CNET - News.com
GOPers Aim to Declaw FCC, Net Neutrality 01-20-2011 AdWeek
Justice Asserts Oversight Role in Online Video Distribution 01-19-2011 B&C
Regulators Limit Comcast`s Role in Hulu 01-19-2011 The Hollywood Reporter
Comcast/NBCU Expected To Gain Approval This Week 01-17-2011 Multichannel News
F.C.C. to Study Retransmission Fees 01-17-2011 NY Times - Media Decoder
Level 3 May Test FCC `Open Internet` Rules In Comcast Fight 01-14-2011 Multichannel News
Comcast Said to Face Online-Video, Web Conditions to Seal Purchase of NBC 01-12-2011 Bloomberg
Consumer Advocates Say MetroPCS Plan Violates FCC Neutrality Rules 01-12-2011 Online Media Daily
Blackburn Reintroduces Bill To Kill Net Neutrality Rules 01-06-2011 B&C
What Happened to Net Neutrality? 01-06-2011 The Atlantic
Wading through the FCC`s Net neutrality order 12-30-2010 SNL Kagan
Roku CEO Not Worried About Usage Caps 12-27-2010 Multichannel News
FCC: Paid Prioritization Likely Violates Neutrality Rules 12-27-2010 Online Media Daily
Web Video at Heart of FCC`s Comcast-NBC Review 12-27-2010 Light Reading
Comcast: Deal Won`t Be Done By End Of Year 12-22-2010 B&C
F.C.C. Is Set to Regulate Net Access 12-21-2010 NY Times
Markey Pitches Core Net Neutrality Principles 12-17-2010 B&C
Comcast/NBCU: No Basis For Online Conditions 12-16-2010 B&C
Genachowski: Dec. 21 Net Neutrality Vote `Essential` 12-15-2010 Multichannel News
Despite Opposition From All Sides, FCC Pushing Ahead On Net Neutrality Proposal 12-15-2010 Online Media Daily
Cantwell, Inslee: Net Neutrality Rules Should Apply To Wireless 12-13-2010 B&C
Baker to FCC: Publish Net Neutrality Draft ASAP 12-10-2010 Multichannel News
Government Retrans Moves Could Send Super Bowl To Pay Platform 12-10-2010 B&C
F.C.C. Ponders Ways to Avoid Cable Blackouts 12-09-2010 NY Times
FCC: Two-Thirds Of Net Sub`s Connections Aren`t Up To Speed 12-09-2010 Multichannel News
FCC`s pay-as-you-go Internet plan raises video, access questions 12-08-2010 Washington Post
Hulu CEO visits FCC to discuss Comcast-NBC merger 12-03-2010 Washington Post
NCTA: Net Neutrality Order Is Imperfect, But Fair Resolution 12-02-2010 Multichannel News
Companies OK With FCC Net Neutrality Rules 12-02-2010 Mediaweek
Sources: Industry Stakeholders Meet At FCC 11-23-2010 B&C
House Republicans: Net Neutrality Order Would Be `Mistake` 11-22-2010 B&C
Kerry On Retrans: Consumers Getting Screwed And Something Has To Change 11-17-2010 B&C
Britt: FCC Has Failed to Act to Stem Retrans Disruptions 11-16-2010 Multichannel News
Carey: Retrans Modifications Could Imperil Free News, Sports, Entertainment 11-16-2010 B&C
Comcast exec calls for limited government role in Internet 11-15-2010 LA Times
NCTA: AllVid Should Not Mean Unbundling 11-10-2010 B&C
AT&T: Hands Off Wireless and Managed Services 11-05-2010 B&C
NCTA: Wireless Should Not Get Net Neutrality Immunity 11-04-2010 B&C
FCC Gets More Input On Hulu 11-04-2010 Multichannel News
FCC Chairman tells Fox and Cablevision to stop taking shots and get to work 10-20-2010 LA Times
The FCC changes the CableCARD rules, but not dramatically 10-15-2010 Engadget
NCTA Opposes Net Neutrality Rules 10-13-2010 Multichannel News
Indies Want Video Distribution Parity on Specialized Services 10-13-2010 B&C
FCC Asks Comcast, NBCU For More Info 10-05-2010 B&C
Net Neutrality Draft Surfaces 09-27-2010 B&C
F.C.C. Opens Unused TV Airwaves to Broadband 09-24-2010 NY Times
Narrow Net Neutrality Bill In Works 09-21-2010 B&C
Clyburn: Cable Best Positioned For Broadband Video Future 09-15-2010 B&C
McSlarrow Sees Clearer FCC Broadband Picture 09-13-2010 B&C
Business Groups Question Net Neutrality Rules 09-09-2010 PC World
Net Neutrality: A New Flash Point for Foes of Big Government 09-08-2010 Time