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  • New Watchworthy App Surmounts Peak TV Confusion Posted on 03-23-2020

    A new app called Watchworthy is the antidote for viewers who are overloaded by the bewildering array of program choices in the Peak TV era. Watchworthy, introduced...

  • Quibi’s Approach Misses the Mark Posted on 01-09-2020

    It’s been hard to avoid reviews and prognostications about Quibi over the past 24 hours since it further pulled back the curtain on its April launch plans. Quibi is the...

  • Eluvio Has Ambitious Vision for Next-Gen Video Delivery Posted on 09-05-2019

    Startup Eluvio has an ambitious vision for next-gen video delivery that would enable content providers to bypass using traditional content delivery networks (CDNs). Eluvio has launched a software platform...

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