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  • Behold, YouTube Posted on 07-28-2021

    “There’s something happening here, But what it is ain’t exactly clear…” -Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth,” 1967 Late yesterday, Alphabet released its Q2 ’21 earnings. Included...

  • Pew: YouTube is Used by 81% of U.S. Adults Posted on 04-08-2021

    YouTube is used by 81% of U.S. adults, according to Pew Research Center’s new Social Media Use in 2021 survey. That’s up 8 percentage points from the 73% YouTube...

  • YouTube Ad Revenue Hits $6.9 Billion in Q4 on Direct Response Ad Surge Posted on 02-03-2021

    YouTube advertising revenue grew to $6.9 billion in Q4 ’20, up 46% from $4.7 billion in Q4 ’19. YouTube’s results were reported as part of parent company Alphabet’s Q4 ’20...

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