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  • Exclusive: More Netflix Subscribers Still Use DVDs Than Streaming for TV Viewing

    Streaming may be the future, but for the present, more Netflix subscribers age 13-54 still use DVDs and Blu-ray discs to watch TV shows and movies on their televisions, according to a new research report that Knowledge Networks will release later this morning. As the chart below shows, among those surveyed, 29% said they use DVDs and Blu-ray to watch Netflix content at least once per month on their TVs, while 20% said they use streaming to watch on their TVs.

    For Netflix users the TV is still the primary viewing screen; 44% of those saying they use Netflix at least once a month use their TVs to watch, with 30% using a computer and 11% using a mobile device. Even among those using a computer, DVD usage is holding up pretty well, with 9% of respondents who watch Netflix at least once per month saying they use DVD, and 15% using streaming. This data, along with other results in the research, raises further questions about whether Netflix acted prematurely in deciding to split off its DVD operations to focus on streaming, a point I have made previously.

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