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Analysis for 'FusionTV'

  • Entone Introduces FusionTV To Help Telcos Blend OTT With Linear TV

    IPTV vendor Entone jumped into the connected device fray today with a new managed service called "FusionTV" for telcos looking to offer a hybrid linear TV/broadband/online video package. Entone's CEO Steve McKay briefed me on the company's plans last week.

    For consumers, FusionTV's appeal is that it brings together several value propositions into one user experience: linear HDTV, whole home DVR, online video and media sharing. As a result consumers don't need to buy and wire together a DVR or connected device (or multiple of these for additional rooms), and also don't need to disrupt their existing video source, whether that be telco, satellite, over-the-air, etc. For the telcos (primarily tier 2), FusionTV is a new value added service to improve the competitiveness of their broadband service, while also helping bring online video under their roof, thus preempting over-the-top cord-cutting.

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