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  • Interview with MobiTV’s CEO Charlie Nooney on Set-Top Boxes’ Future

    MobiTV has been around for a while, starting out as a way of offering TV on mobile devices, but more recently helping pay-TV operators deliver their services via apps, without set-top boxes. To learn more about MobiTV’s strategy and where it fits in the fast-changing landscape, I recently interviewed company CEO Charlie Nooney. The transcript follows.

    VideoNuze: Explain what MobiTV does and how you fit into the pay-TV ecosystem?

    Charlie Nooney: MobiTV offers small to medium-sized cable providers, app-based TV software as a solution to cut cable set-top boxes. This mobile streaming software allows these cable companies to stay competitive in their markets as maintaining cable boxes are expensive and it cuts costs for them. We also hope to "outfinity" larger cable providers like Xfinity and Comcast, with our solution. Additionally, we were the first company to offer streaming Pay TV software, which is a fun fact that helps us stand out in the industry.

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