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  • Survey: Consumers Eager for Branded Videos, But Marketers Reluctant

    Here's further evidence of video's rising importance for marketers seeking to build relationships with consumers: a survey of 1,000 American consumers and 500 marketers by Levels Beyond, a video content management provider, found that 59% of consumers are likely to watch a brand video when they visit a web site and 40% prefer watching a video vs. reading the same information. For millennials, 51% prefer watching a video to reading content.

    As far as the types of video consumers like, 67% chose "how-to or instructional," followed by "comedy or spoofs" (42%), "product/informational" (34%), "micro-documentaries" (33%) and "animations/infographic videos" (30%).

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  • Reach Engine Stage Launches for Cloud-Based Video Workflows [VIDEO]

    The cloud continues to create more flexibility in both video production and distribution, with the latest example being "Reach Engine Stage," a video/media management system that allows producers at multiple sites to collaborate more efficiently. Reach Engine Stage was developed by Levels Beyond, a privately-held company based in Denver with deep roots in video workflows.

    At the NABShow, Levels Beyond's co-found Danny Gold stopped by the VideoNuze booth to explain Reach Engine Stage and give more background on the company. Levels Beyond has been low-key, but recently raised a round of funding and is now used by a number of major media companies for their online video workflows.

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