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Analysis for 'Avail-TVN'

  • Avail-TVN Rebrands as Vubiquity

    Multiplatform video services provider Avail-TVN has rebranded itself as Vubiquity. Chief Marketing Officer Laurie Lawrence told me last week that the new branding is meant to convey that "no other company does more to make video available ubiquitously."

    Vubiquity works with both content providers and service providers to prepare, deliver and monetize video across devices. It manages more than 28K hours of content/month from 340 different content providers that reaches over 75 million homes through 270 different service providers. Among the services Vubiquity provides are encoding, metadata management, dynamic ad insertion, linear channel delivery, TV Everywhere authentication, cloud-based delivery, data analytics and marketing.

    For more on Vubiquity, see this video interview I did with CEO Ramu Potarazu at last year's Cable Show:

    Watch the interview

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  • Avail-TVN's CEO Discusses $100 Million Financing, ODG Deal [VIDEO]

    This week, Avail-TVN made a big splash at the Cable Show, announcing a $100 million financing from The Carlyle Group and the acquisition of the UK-based On Demand Group. As CEO Ramu Potarazu tells me in this interview, Avail-TVN isn't a household name, but it has become one of the most important players in distributing digital video globally. Ramu describes how complex the landscape has become for both content providers and service providers on the other and what roles Avail-TV has in the digital video value chain. He also touches on the disruption that is coming to the digital video advertising space due to dynamic insertion. Watch the video (8 minutes, 35 seconds).

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