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Analysis for 'Windows 7'

  • AT&T's "U-verse Mobile" App Gives Windows Phone 7 Users OTT Video Access

    In the midst of all the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launch hoopla today, AT&T announced a new offering with potentially significant implications: AT&T Wireless-Windows Phone 7 users will get access to a "U-verse Mobile" app that will allow them to download and watch TV shows on their Windows 7 device for a $9.95 monthly subscription. The twist is that it's not necessary to be a U-verse TV subscriber to be a U-verse mobile subscriber.

    By unbundling mobile access from its TV subscriptions, AT&T is in effect using wireless delivery to go over-the-top (OTT) of incumbent pay-TV operators in their incumbent territories. As a result AT&T is bringing new wireless-based competition and expanding the reach of its video service way beyond the limited geographies where its U-verse TV service is offered today.

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