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  • Vidyo Introduces VidyoCast for Broadcast Production in the Cloud

    Vidyo, which has focused on high-quality videoconferencing over IP networks, is now turning its sights to the broadcast market, introducing "VidyoCast" today, which can move the entire broadcast production process into the cloud, powered by broadband delivery. Jim O'Brien, a broadcast veteran who recently joined as GM of VidyoCast, walked me through the solution earlier this week.

    The primary benefits of the cloud-based approach are cost-savings and more operational flexibility, without sacrificing quality. Vidyo believes that by using IP networks instead of typical satellite transmission, broadcasters can save up to 90% of their typical costs. VidyoCast is also being positioned as a backup solution, particularly in situations where typical broadcast backup isn't feasible or is cost prohibitive. VidyoCast is meant to easily integrate into incumbent broadcast infrastructure.

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