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Analysis for 'U.S. News'

  • Best Hospitals Video Series Returns for a Second Year

    I missed an interesting item late last week, which is that U.S. News and HealthiNation have partnered for the second year to present their "2010-2011 Best Hospitals" video series. The series showcases U.S. News health rankings editor Avery Comarow providing an explanation of the rankings process and then drilling down into 5 specialty medical areas. There are 10 videos in this year's series and this time they are also embeddable.

    I like the approach as it provides an accessible introduction to the magazine's text content, and also provides a jumping off point into HealthiNation's deeper catalog of health-related videos. Raj Amin, HealthiNation's CEO told me that his company does all of the video production, which in turn gives U.S. News a turnkey, valuable video augment to their print model. There's a banner ad at the bottom of each video player providing incremental revenue.

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