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  • What Media Planners Think of Online Video Advertising

    Continuing VideoNuze's series of posts about the online video advertising industry, last week I spoke to Alistair Goodman, who's the VP of Strategic Marketing at Exponential Interactive, a media services company with hundreds of advertising clients and publishers in the digital media space.

    Exponential recently released the results of a survey of 100 ad agency media planners' perceptions of online video advertising. To the best of my knowledge, the survey, "The Trials and Tribulations of Online Video Advertising," is the first one focused on what the people actually responsible for spending money in this new medium think (the survey is evenly split between those who have bought and those considering buying). Most prior research has focused on users' or publishers' attitudes. The research confirms many things I hear each day, and also reveals some new insights on the market.

    I'm very pleased to offer a complimentary download of a subset of the Exponential's slides exclusively here at VideoNuze. If your business is reliant on video advertising, I highly suggest reviewing them. If you have questions or want to receive the full deck, there is contact info on the last slide.

    The top 2 issues for planners who have actually bought video ads are operationally-oriented: "smooth delivery" and "detailed reporting." As Alistair described it, these factors (and others cited) confirm the complexity of executing a campaign at scale. The complexity results from lack of standards, multiple players/formats, fragmentation of viewership and non-standard metrics. None of this is unexpected in a market as nascent as online video; the challenge is addressing and resolving these quickly for online video to reach its full potential.

    In the past I've mentioned repeatedly that monetization is the number 1 priority for both established and early stage video content providers. This is an urgent issue because lots of energy and money is being invested in creating online video content, but the financial returns are not there yet. These payoffs need to materialize if the enthusiasm around this new medium is to be sustained.

    Click here to download the Exponential slides.

    (Note: I have created a new section in VideoNuze to offer all downloads of all relevant market research. If you have complimentary industry data please contact me and I'll add it to the page.)

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