• Tiffany Demonstrates Online Video Works For Luxury Retailers Too

    This week I somehow found my way to an interesting article in "Luxury Daily" about how high-end retailer Tiffany & Co. has developed a multi-platform video campaign this holiday season. Tiffany has created a series of video vignettes that the article says it has "weaved into its web site branding, social media offerings and a rich media expandable banner ad campaign on the homepage of the New York Times web site." I didn't see it there, but was able to catch it on YouTube.  The minute and a half video does a terrific job of evoking the holiday spirit through the Tiffany brand.

    What's important about the video to me is that it's further proof of how all kinds of brands can use video to break out of the box of traditional TV advertising. Tiffany likely would have had a hard time finding exactly the upscale audience it is targeting with a TV campaign, and of course running a minute and a half ad on TV would be completely uneconomical. With the Internet those constrictions are thrown out, and instead Tiffany can execute exactly the creative it wants and then find multiple ways to distribute it and target particular audiences.