• thePlatform is Powering NBC Olympics' On-Demand Video for All 98 Events

    Online video platform provider thePlatform announced today that it is powering all of the on-demand video for NBC Olympics across desktops, tablets and smartphones. NBC Olympics uses thePlatform's mpx to upload video, manage metadata, create viewing and ad policies, publish video to its main NBCOlympics.com site, "Live Extra" mobile app and syndication to 3rd parties. NBC Olympics' teams are also using mpx's web-based console to manage their video library.

    Ian Blaine, thePlatform's CEO, told me that NBC Sports is a longstanding customer and that months of preparation went into the Olympics deployment, including integrations with other technology providers. thePlatform also powered Fox's live-streaming of the Super Bowl earlier this month. Ian noted that while both live and on-demand have their own challenges, one of the key benefits for thePlatform is being held to super-stringent delivery standards, which in turn improves the mpx system. This is the first Olympics that thePlatform has been involved with.

    (Note: thePlatform is a VideoNuze sponsor)

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