• thePlatform Continues TV Everywhere Momentum With Cox TV Online

    thePlatform continues to rack up large pay-TV operators as customers for its TV Everywhere video management platform, this morning adding Cox TV Online, the TV Everywhere initiative of 3rd-largest U.S. operator Cox Communications. thePlatform is now powering 5 of the top operators in North America, including Comcast (its parent company), Rogers in Canada, BigPond from Telstra in Australia and others. In addition to the operator side of the equation, thePlatform has pushed aggressively into powering content providers' authenticated TV Everywhere programs.

    thePlatform is surely benefiting from the fact that it has worked closely with Comcast, which has been at the forefront of TV Everywhere, to understand the technical requirements and then build a product that meets them. While there are undoubtedly some small differences in requirements from operator to operator, the core set is comparable. As a result, with each TV Everywhere rollout that thePlatform is a part of that works successfully, a virtuous cycle of trust builds for subsequent customers. Subsequently, barriers to entry for other platforms only get higher, putting thePlatform securely in the middle of the TV Everywhere action.