• More Than $247.1 Million Was Raised by Private Video-Related Companies in Q2 '10

    Q2 '10 was another strong quarter of financings for private video-related companies, with at least 18 companies raising more than $247.1 million according to public sources I track. Once again the group was dominated by technology-focused firms rather than those involved with content. The biggest recipients of funding in the quarter were Tremor Media ($40M), Zenverge ($30M) and Vidyo ($25M). The Q2 '10 total tracks well against past quarters of $175.4M (Q1 '10 - U.S. only), $150.1M (Q4 '09) and $180.9M (Q3 '09) as investors clearly continue to be bullish on the video sector. In the past 5 quarters, investors have poured almost $814M into private U.S. video-related companies, which is impressive in light of the narrow window for public offerings.

    In addition to the private financings, there was also plenty of deal activity in the video space in Q2 '10. This includes (in order of date announced), the remains of Veoh being sold to Qlipso, Juniper Networks acquiring software company Ankeena Networks, Nielsen buying video analytics firm GlanceGuide, ActiveVideo Networks adding network game developer TAG Networks, KIT Digital rolling up video asset manager Benchmark Broadcast Systems, Google acquiring Norwegian real-time video provider Global IP Solutions, Sonic Solutions buying DivX, Akamai adding mobile services platform Velocitude and RGB Networks acquiring mobile video encoder RipCode.

    Following are the investments that I tracked during the quarter, the date disclosed and new investors identified if applicable. Links are provided to the companies' press releases, or to relevant media coverage if none could be found (note that I haven't verified media coverage with companies themselves). If I've missed anything or you find an inaccuracy, please post a comment.

    Vidyo ($25M) - April 1 - Four Rivers Group, existing investors

    Bightcove ($12M) - April 6 - Existing investors

    Edgecast ($10M) - April 12 - Menlo Ventures

    3Crowd - ($6.62M) - April 13 - Canaan Partners and Storm Ventures

    BlackArrow ($20M) - April 19 - NDS

    Zenverge ($30M) - April 21 - Battery Ventures

    Imagine Communications ($10M) - April 21 - Existing investors

    Freewheel ($16.8M) - April 26 - Steamboat Ventures

    Tremor Media ($40M) - April 28 - DFJ Growth Fund, Triangle Peak Partners

    Newsy ($2M) - May 5 - Undisclosed investors

    Invidi ($23M) - May 5 - Google

    blip.tv ($10.1M) - May 19 - Canaan Partners

    Transpera ($9M) - June 2 - BlackBerry Partners Fund

    Dilithium ($1.5M) - June 3 - Existing investors

    Metacafe ($5M) - June 5 - Existing investors

    Brand.net ($14M) - June 22 - Focus Ventures

    ViaCLIX ($3.1M) - June 22 - Undisclosed

    Extreme Reach ($9M) - June 23 - Existing investors