• More Big Hollywood Talent Piles Into Broadband Video

    Today's splashy NY Times piece profiling Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz's new series, QuarterLife, with MySpace again highlights how big name talent continues to embrace broadband video as a key focus of their activities.

    This list continues to grow. Here are some of the names that are on it, and their activities:

    • Michael Eisner, Vuguru, Prom Queen
    • Stephen Bochco, MetaCafe
    • Ben Silverman, Reveille
    • William Morris/Narrowstep
    • Spike Lee and Babelgum's online film festival
    • Herb Scannell, Next New Networks
    • Albie Hecht, WorldWide Biggies

    What do all these big names see? In 2 words: colossal opportunity. Broadband is a wide open playing field. They all understand that a classic paradigm shift is happening in the video industry and are rushing to understand the medium and its new rules. How to engage audiences? How to monetize most effectively? How to optimize the formats? How to retain creative control?

    This activity is only going to accelerate. As early successes get more publicity and the business models crystallize expect even more big Hollywood talent to jump on the broadband video bandwagon.