• Mogreet's moShare Powers Mobile Video Distribution via Texting

    Following its success helping leading marketers distribute video and other rich media messages to mobile devices, Mogreet is now looking to do the same for individuals, with its recently launched moShare service. moShare distinguishes itself from other social platforms in that the video or rich media being shared is sent via a text message to the recipient's mobile device, with content formatted specifically for viewing or playback on it. 

    In a recent conversation, James Citron, Mogreet's CEO told me he sees content sharing moving to a more individualized model, as users become overwhelmed with messages from large social networks that extend well beyond closer-knit friend groups. The idea is that mobile devices' ubiquity combined with texting's immediacy gives media shared via moShare a much higher likelihood of actually being viewed.

    While there is no shortage of ways for users to share videos they edit and shoot on their smartphones, moShare is instead solely focused on sharing publisher content. moShare gives publishers a sharing button to be placed alongside other social media. In pre-launch tests, moShare gained sharing rates comparable to Facebook and Twitter. This, as well as other early evidence of usage and effectiveness will be critical in helping moShare's button gain wider acceptance.

    Like other social media sharing platforms, moShare is free for both publishers and users at this point. James wouldn't share specific monetization plans except to hint at an ad or affiliate-based business model. Mogreet recently raised $4.1 million to support moShare's rollout.