• Kaltura Raises $20 Million, Now Serving 100K+ Publishers

    Open source online video platform Kaltura is announcing this morning that it has raised a $20 million round, led by Nexus Venture Partners, including Intel Capital and existing investors .406 Ventures and Avalon Ventures. It's not clear what funding to date is since Kaltura didn't disclose the size of its last round.  Kaltura also announced it is now serving over 100K publishers, which it believes is more than all of the other proprietary OVPs combined.

    Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel has emphasized Kaltura's open source approach from the company's inception. In my interactions with him, he has likened Kaltura to doing for video what RedHat did for operating systems and MySQL did for databases, with each driving open source success. Since Intel Capital and Nexus have both been involved with these two companies, and Nexus' Narun Gupta, who's on RedHat's board will now join Kaltura's board, Kaltura's positioning gains additional credibility with the new financing.

    Ron has also been a strong advocate that video will become table stakes for all organizations, whether in media, business, government, education, etc., and that an affordable, easily integrated solution like Kaltura will help video become massively used. In my travels across the web, that vision seems to be materializing; I now routinely see video being actively promoted in some unlikely places (e.g. dentist offices, Little League information pages, plumbers, etc.) This will continue in the future.

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