• Jinni Raises $5 Million Series B For Video Discovery

    Jinni, whose video discovery engine is based on "taste and mood," is announcing that it has raised a $5 million Series B round led by Belgacom (Belgium's leading telecom) and an undisclosed tier 1 consumer electronics company. The company had previously raised $1.6 million in December, 2009.

    Jinni lets users search for TV shows and movies based on their "personality" - the intangibles that describe the essence of TV shows and movies. In addition, users can browse based on movies' characteristics such as mood, plot, genre, time period, place, audience and reviews. As you use Jinni more and give it feedback on what you like/don't like, it learns more about your tastes and improves your recommendations. Results are displayed visually and sized-based from top to bottom, providing a quick cue about what to click on. Rolling over each image gives a full description.

    The complexity of content discovery is magnifying as the choices of what to watch online explode. As connected devices proliferate and more viewers want to watch on-demand on their TVs, the stakes get even higher for delivering useful results. There are lots of different content discovery approaches, but for now at least Jinni seems to have a novel one.

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