• Irdeto Bolsters Blu-ray Security With BD+ Acquisition from Rovi

    Irdeto, which provides software security services for digital media, is expanding its focus to Blu-ray discs, announcing it has acquired BD+ technology from Rovi. Irdeto's SVP of Product Martin Sendyk and VP of Technology Greg McKesey explained to me that the plan is to integrate BD+ with Irdeto's ActiveCloak for Media, in order to combat Blu-ray piracy in the initial period following a disc's release when the vast majority of its potential revenue is realized.

    BD+ is based on the Self-Protecting Digital Content (SPDC) architecture that is complimentary to ActiveCloak. The new hybrid system that will be created allows renewed levels of security as each successive batch of discs is released. This dynamic approach to security mirrors how ActiveCloak works and is more rigorous than the current static BD+ approach which Irdeto's considers broken. At least one studio has been in the loop and approved of the deal; Martin and Greg said others will be briefed as the integration takes shape.

    Terms weren't announced, but a recent filing by Rovi revealed the price was $25 million. Irdeto is transitioning about 20 employees from Rovi.