• Hulu Opening Development Center in Seattle

    Hulu is opening a development center in Seattle by the end of the year, according to a blog post by Richard Tom, VP, Platform Technology this morning. According to the company's job section it's currently recruiting for 27 open positions, with most in its LA office and a half dozen in China. As the company scales up in Seattle, it sounds like the number of recruits will grow.

    Tom notes in his post that almost half the LA development team has some experience in Seattle, and given CEO Jason Kilar came from Amazon, the move makes sense. There's also a huge technical community in the area, lead of course by thousands of current and former Microsofties. One lure for prospective employees will no doubt be stock options; Hulu is rumored to be exploring an IPO later this year. I've been skeptical of the timing given the uncertainty that remains in both Hulu's ad and subscription models, but given the excitement over online video, Hulu could find a receptive market.

    As a side-note, Hulu CTO Eric Feng recently left Hulu to become technical advisor to Al Gore at the venture firm Kleiner Perkins.