• Electus's Buckley: "We think about what content goes on these glowing rectangles" [VIDEO]

    At NATPE, I sat down with Drew Buckley, COO and Head of Digital for Electus, which has become one of the most successful studios producing programming for both TV and online. In the interview, Drew explains the company's strategy, and how it thinks about different screens or "glowing rectangles."

    Among the specific topics Drew discusses:

    - How Electus works to get talent to connect with their audiences, through various social media, and which ones Drew has found perform the best.

    - How Electus is using its 3 YouTube channels to create and promote its own brands and personalities.

    - Why the episode length for its "K-Town" unscripted series on Loud has nearly doubled from 11 minutes to 21 1/2 minutes in its first 2 seasons, proving longer-form does work online.

    - What Electus does with brands to help extend their DNA through its original programming, beyond simple product placements.

    And more.