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  • Boeing Using Broadband Video to Promote Dreamliner

    Jane Levere (writing in Stuart Elliot's absence) in the NYT has an interesting piece on how Boeing is using webisodes to raise the profile of its new 787 Dreamliners. Boeing has retained the Sarkissian Mason agency to create these vignettes to showcase the Dreamliner's features and comforts. You can check the out at I think this kind of initiative really highlights how powerful broadband video can be for companies to reach target audiences.
    Consider - it wouldn't have made economic sense in the traditional TV world for Boeing to pay for long spots with the same engagement that these webisodes have. So it would have needed to resort to 30 second spots, which would severely limit the message's appeal. Broadband allows Boeing and Sarkissian to use a whole new creative pallette to get the story across. As more companies recognize broadband's unique potential, I think we'll see a stampede of similar initiatives.
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