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  • AEG Digital Media Enhances Live Streaming With "eMCee" Polling App

    AEG Digital Media, the leader in broadcast-quality live event streaming, announced at the NAB Show today "eMCee," a polling application that lets content producers and advertisers insert polls in real-time during the event. As John Petrocelli, AEG Digital Media's VP of Sales and Business Development told me last week, the app's goal is to enhance viewing times and increase audience interactivity.

    eMCee joins two other recently announced products in AEG Digital Media's suite - the "Tremolo Player" and "The Hawk." The Tremolo Player enables nine simultaneous viewing angles, allowing viewers to switch back-and-forth at will. ABC successfully deployed it for the recent Oscar.com live coverage. The Hawk aggregates all the social media activity around an event - Facebook messages, tweets, texts and comments and presents them in one interface.

    With these recent product launches and AEG Digital Media's broadcast-quality facility at L.A. LIVE, the company is continuing to raise the bar on live online events, becoming the go-to partner for events like the GRAMMY awards, FIFA World Cup kickoff celebration concert and United Football League Championship Game. Next up is live streaming of the Coachella Music Festival later this week.

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