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  • $84 Million Raised in Q2 '11 By Private Online/Mobile Video Companies, A 2-Year Low

    Despite the frenzy of digital media and technology IPOs occurring these days, private online and mobile video oriented companies raised a relatively modest $84 million in Q2 '11, the lowest level in the past 2 years. The total is derived from numerous public sources I track and the companies themselves; as always, it is possible that I missed some news during the quarter, if so, please let me know and I'll update the list.

    The $84 million was raised by 13 companies (also a 2-year low), and of the amount, almost two-thirds came from just 3 companies, Digitalsmiths ($12.5M), VideoSurf ($16M) and Animoto ($25M). The Q2 total was suppressed versus prior quarters not only because of lower volume, but also because there were no big video ad network, online video platform or device financings announced, which have tended to be larger is size. As I'm always quick to add, too much shouldn't be read into one quarter's data as financings close when they do - a few days one way or the other and quarters can look very different.

    In addition to the financings, there were a range of acquisitions both in and adjacent to the online/mobile video area, along with other
    notable financings. Overall there was a lot of market activity in Q2 and there's plenty of reason it will continue in Q3 (the potential Hulu acquisition is just one example). Continue reading for Q2's financings and deals. Lead investors are noted.


    Zixi ($4M) - April 11 - Schooner Capital, others

    Zencoder ($2M) - April 12 - Andreessen-Horowitz, others

    VideoSurf ($16M) - April 14 - Pitango Venture Capital, others

    Bamboom Labs ($4.5M) - April 15 - FirstMark Capital, others

    Maker Studios ($1.5M) - April 21 - Greycroft, GRP Partners

    Viddy ($1.5M) - April 22 - Undisclosed ($2M) - April 22 - Existing investors

    Digitalsmiths - ($12.5M) - April 27 - Technicolor, others

    VYou ($3M) - May 23 - RRE Ventures, Highland Capital Partners

    Frequency ($3M) - May 26 - Founders/angels

    VideoGenie ($2M) - June 9 - Blumberg Capital, others ($7M) - June 9 - Undisclosed

    Animoto ($25M) - June 29 - Spectrum Equity Investors


    Dish acquires Blockbuster - April 6

    blinkx acquires Burst Media - April 8

    KIT Digital acquires ioko - April 11

    AlphaBird acquires PlaceVine - May 12

    YuMe acquires Appealing Media - June 16

    DG acquires MediaMind - June 16

    Google acquires SageTV - June 20

    Of Note:

    Level 3 acquires Global Crossing - April 11

    Hillcrest Raises $5.5M - April 13

    Invidi Raises $49M - April 14

    Tesco acquires blinkbox (UK) - April 20

    Yahoo acquires IntoNow - April 25

    Peel Raises $16.7M - May 2

    Limelight acquires Clickability - May 2

    Warner Bros. acquires Rotten Tomatoes/Flixster - May 4

    Microsoft acquires Skype - May 10

    Envivio IPO delayed - June 30

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