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News for 'Net Neutrality'

Title Date Source
Dems Diss AT&T Over Zero Rating HBO Max 06-04-2020 Multichannel News
Net Neutrality Rule Restoration Bill Clears First Hurdle 03-26-2019 Multichannel News
Senate votes to overturn Ajit Pai’s net neutrality repeal 05-16-2018 Ars Technica
Six more tech companies join fight to save net neutrality 03-05-2018 Engadget
Net Neutrality Rules Publication Draws Crowd 02-22-2018 Multichannel News
AT&T says it supports net neutrality - but it’s staying quiet on whether it could charge more for faster access 01-24-2018 Recode
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai canceled his appearance at CES because of death threats 01-04-2018 Recode
Netflix Slams FCC’s ‘Misguided’ Repeal of Net Neutrality Regulations 12-14-2017 Variety
F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules 12-14-2017 NY Times
Netflix Backs Away From Fight Over Internet Rules Now That Traffic is Flowing 12-13-2017 WSJ
Why Concerns About Net Neutrality Are Overblown 12-04-2017 NY Times
Pai Circulates Order Unwinding Title II Classification of ISPs 11-21-2017 Multichannel News
Apple Joins Latest Battle Over Net Neutrality 08-31-2017 Variety
Many of the FCC’s record-breaking 21 million net neutrality comments are duplicates - or come from suspicious sources 08-30-2017 Recode
Verizon argues throttling video is allowed under net neutrality rules 07-25-2017 The Verge
Trump Wants To Gut Net Neutrality Rules 07-19-2017 Mediapost
Ajit Pai not concerned about number of pro-net neutrality comments 07-14-2017 Ars Technica
AT&T is joining online net neutrality protest. Say what? 07-11-2017 CNET
Facebook, Google Join Net Neutrality Protest 07-06-2017 Home Media
YouTube stars defend net neutrality in open letter to the FCC 07-06-2017 The Verge
Survey: Majority Want Net-Neutrality Rules 06-22-2017 Multichannel News
Netflix changes course and says it’ll ‘never outgrow the fight for net neutrality’ 06-15-2017 The Verge
Net neutrality: Amazon among top internet firms planning day of action 06-06-2017 Guardian
Netflix CEO says net neutrality is ‘not our primary battle’ 05-31-2017 The Verge
FCC Votes to Cut Back Net Neutrality Regulations 05-18-2017 Home Media
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai calls for a ‘lighter touch’ to internet regulation 05-03-2017 Recode
FCC Chairman Readies Net Neutrality Repeal 04-07-2017 Mediapost
Net neutrality DOA? Here's what's next for the internet 03-13-2017 CNET
Verizon Wireless wades right back into the net neutrality debate with Fios deal 03-09-2017 The Verge
FCC Chairman pledges to roll back net neutrality regulations during European address 02-28-2017 TechCrunch
Trump’s F.C.C. Pick Quickly Targets Net Neutrality Rules 02-06-2017 NY Times
Pai Scales Back Net Neutrality Enforcement, Endorses 'Data-Free TV' 02-06-2017 Mediapost
The plot to kill net neutrality 01-25-2017 Axios
Net neutrality foe Ajit Pai is the new head of the FCC 01-23-2017 Recode
FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s departure is the death knell for net neutrality 12-15-2016 Recode
Why zero rating is nothing like Amazon free shipping 12-12-2016 nScreenMedia
Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Sticks Up for Network Neutrality Amid Repeal Concerns 11-30-2016 Variety
Trump transition team appointments indicate a bid to dismantle net neutrality 11-21-2016 TechCrunch
Donald Trump May Seek to Repeal Network Neutrality as President 11-09-2016 Variety
Netflix CEO Open to AT&T-Time Warner Merger if Net Neutrality Is Upheld 10-24-2016 Variety
After net neutrality loss, ISPs get ready to take case to Supreme Court 06-14-2016 Ars Technica
How Tom Wheeler Made Cable King 04-29-2016 WSJ
Senate Panel Slams 'Net Neutrality' Ruling 02-29-2016 WSJ
Charter Will 'Go Further' Than FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules in Merger With Time Warner Cable 06-25-2015 Variety
Court declines to stop net neutrality rules from taking effect Friday 06-11-2015 LA Times
Net Neutrality Rules Face Court Challenge from Cable Industry Groups 04-14-2015 Variety
Net neutrality will be fair game for lawsuits starting next week 04-10-2015 The Washington Post
Telecoms Ready Fight Against Net Neutrality 04-02-2015 WSJ
Tennessee sues FCC over Internet law, hurting one of its own cities: Chattanooga 03-25-2015 CNN Money
Here are the first lawsuits to challenge the FCC's net neutrality rules 03-23-2015 The Washington Post
U.S. trade groups seen leading lawsuits against new Internet rules 03-19-2015 Reuters
Net Neutrality, Apple, and the future of TV 03-19-2015 Beta News
FTC's Rich: Title II Made Consumers Less Safe 03-18-2015 Multichannel News
FCC chief says `no secret instructions` from White House on net neutrality 03-17-2015 LA Times
FCC Order Doesn't Stop Netflix's Interconnection Deals 03-13-2015 Home Media Magazine
Netflix says it still supports Net neutrality, despite CFO`s comments 03-05-2015 CNET
Blackburn Reintroduces Bill Blocking FCC `Net Rules 03-05-2015 Multichannel News
Netflix: We Support Title II 03-04-2015 B&C
Netflix Exec Says It Didn’t Actually Want FCC to Regulate Broadband So Heavily 03-04-2015 Variety
How New U.S. Net Neutrality Rules Are Shaping the Internet Worldwide 03-04-2015 National Journal
FCC official says Google, Facebook had little say on net neutrality 03-03-2015 GigaOm
Verizon CFO: FCC Ruling `Cluttered` Broadband Future 03-02-2015 Home Media Magazine
Internet Pioneers Decry Title II Rules 03-02-2015 Light Reading
7 things Net neutrality won`t do 02-27-2015 CNET
FCC`s new net neutrality rules are sure to be challenged 02-27-2015 LA Times
Verizon Mocks FCC Net Neutrality Ruling With Typewritten Press Release 02-26-2015 The Hollywood Reporter
FCC Vote Shows Net Neutrality Strains 02-26-2015 Light Reading
Net neutrality: How we got from there to here 02-24-2015 CNET
Net neutrality and the voice of business 02-22-2015 Fortune
Cord cutters on net neutrality: `It would be the end of wild wild west of the internet` 02-22-2015 Guardian
Republican FCC commissioners: Net neutrality plan misleads the American people 02-10-2015 CNET
Why Mark Cuban hates the FCC net neutrality plan 02-10-2015 The Daily Dot
Net Neutrality: How White House Thwarted FCC Chief 02-05-2015 WSJ
How Netflix helped change the FCC`s definition of net neutrality 02-04-2015 The Verge
In Net Neutrality Push, F.C.C. Is Expected to Propose Regulating Internet Service as a Utility 02-02-2015 NY Times
Cable Pushes to Exclude Netflix From Net Neutrality Protections 01-23-2015 AdAge
Powell Pledges Support for Net-Neutrality Bill 01-21-2015 Multichannel News
On net neutrality, Internet providers are betrayed by one of their own 01-09-2015 Ars Technica
Telecom Industry Readies for a Net-Neutrality Fight 01-08-2015 WSJ
FCC to hold Net neutrality vote on Feb. 26 01-07-2015 CNET
Google Says Treating Broadband As Utility Will Boost Fiber Rollout 01-06-2015 Mediapost
FCC Will Vote On Broadband Internet Rules in February 01-02-2015 WSJ
Verizon: Interconnection is Not Net Neutrality Issue 12-17-2014 Multichannel News
Qualcomm, Intel, and others speak out against Title II net neutrality 12-11-2014 The Verge
Study Highlights Potential Tax Burden Of Net Neutrality 12-02-2014 TechCrunch
Mark Cuban made billions from an open internet. Now he wants to kill it 11-25-2014 The Verge
How Netflix Poisoned The Net Neutrality Debate 11-25-2014 Forbes
Read the FCC's internal emails about John Oliver's net neutrality segment 11-13-2014 The Verge
No Net Neutrality Rules Until 2015 as Disagreements About Plan Continue 11-12-2014 Recode
AT&T pauses fiber investment on net neutrality concerns 11-12-2014 CNBC
Why the Public Utility Model Is the Wrong Approach for Internet Regulation 11-11-2014 HBR
From Ted Cruz to Tim Wu: What the web is saying about Obama`s net neutrality plan 11-10-2014 GigaOm
FCC `Net Neutrality` Plan Calls for More Power Over Broadband 10-31-2014 WSJ
FCC Chairman: Broadband Rules Could Cover Wireless Networks 09-09-2014 WSJ - Digits
Twitter, Netflix and Reddit hold net neutrality protest 09-09-2014 BBC
Tech, equipment makers join U.S. `net neutrality` debate 09-09-2014 Reuters
Cable Companies: Google Threatens Net Neutrality, Not Us 07-24-2014 National Journal
Netflix says `no rules` would be better than FCC`s net neutrality proposal 07-16-2014 The Verge
Web giants call for equal Internet traffic rules 07-14-2014 CNET
Federal Department of Netflix 06-17-2014 WSJ
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