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Title Date Source
Cable Ops ‘Turn the Knobs,’ Squeeze Out Extra Megabits 05-04-2020 Multichannel News
5G? We'll double it! Cable companies push '10G' at CES 01-07-2019 CNET
NCTA's Michael Powell Says Cable Industry's Reputation Contributed to Public Policy Defeats 05-05-2015 Variety
Net Neutrality Rules Face Court Challenge from Cable Industry Groups 04-14-2015 Variety
Powell: NCTA Highly Likely To Sue FCC Over Title II 02-13-2015 Multichannel News
Powell Pledges Support for Net-Neutrality Bill 01-21-2015 Multichannel News
Powell: `Net Would Not Have Flourished Under Title II` 01-15-2014 Multichannel News
Online Video Could Get a Boost From Proposed Laws 01-06-2014 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Cable association ads warn cord-cutters of shark attacks and death-by-rabbit 12-09-2013 The Verge
Senate Hearing Finds State of Video in Flux 05-14-2013 Multichannel News
NCTA`s Powell: Biggest Subscription Video Provider is Netflix, Not Cable 05-12-2013 Multichannel News
NCTA`s Powell: Usage-Based Pricing About Fairness, Not Capacity 01-17-2013 Multichannel News
Cable not stifling online competition, NCTA`s Powell says 06-27-2012 Fierce Online Video
Powell: Distinctions Disappearing Between Cable, Web 12-09-2011 B&C
Powell Pushes Marketplace As Video Uniter 07-08-2011 Multichannel News
Plan Would Crack Down on Piracy by Cutting Off ISP, Broadband Service for Repeat Offenders 06-24-2011 The Hollywood Reporter
NCTA`s McSlarrow Explains Backing for Net-Neutrality Order 03-08-2011 Multichannel News
Is Level 3 Right About Net Neutrality? 02-14-2011 Light Reading
Can cable block the Google TV revolution? 02-11-2011 Ars Technica
NCTA to FCC: Google Proposal Would Wreak Havoc With MVPD Model 02-10-2011 B&C
NCTA: Broadband Video Migration Needs No FCC Push 01-27-2011 B&C
NCTA: Net Neutrality Order Is Imperfect, But Fair Resolution 12-02-2010 Multichannel News
Sources: Industry Stakeholders Meet At FCC 11-23-2010 B&C
NCTA: AllVid Should Not Mean Unbundling 11-10-2010 B&C
NCTA: Wireless Should Not Get Net Neutrality Immunity 11-04-2010 B&C
NCTA Opposes Net Neutrality Rules 10-13-2010 Multichannel News
NCTA: Verizon/Google Principles Are Positive Sign 08-10-2010 B&C
Cable Tackles Title II, Part 1 05-17-2010 Light Reading
Cable industry to talk convergence at confab 05-10-2010 The Hollywood Reporter
NCTA Asks FCC Not to Regulate Provision of Internet Access Services 04-28-2010 Multichannel News
NCTA`s McSlarrow: BitTorrent Opens Only Theoretical Floodgate 04-21-2010 Multichannel News
ISPs Warn FCC Against Title II Regulation of Web Access 02-23-2010 B&C
Net Neutrality Rules Threaten Free Speech, NCTA Says 12-11-2009 Online Media Daily
Genachowski Praises NCTA's `A+` Program 12-02-2009 B&C
Berkman Broadband Study Highly-Criticized 11-17-2009 B&C
NCTA, NBCU: FCC BitTorrent Order `Shackles` ISPs 11-03-2009 B&C
Industry Groups Question Need For FCC to Expand Internet Openness Principles 09-22-2009 B&C
NCTA Offers Comments On Broadband Plan 07-22-2009 B&C
Broadband: NCTA Tells FCC To Focus On Unserved, Adoption 06-09-2009 B&C
McSlarrow Labels Free Press Petition Drive Versus Time Warner Cable A `Publicity Stunt` 04-16-2009 Multichannel News
NCTA Comments on FCC`s Role in Broadband Stimulus Program 04-14-2009 B&C
McSlarrow: Broadband Continues To Change The World 04-02-2009 Multichannel News
Cable Industry and Net Neutrality Backers Differ on Broadband Grants 03-24-2009 B&C
NCTA, Free Press Support NTIA Oversight Of Broadband Funds 02-05-2009 Multichannel News
McSlarrow Prioritizes Cable`s Broadband Perspectives 01-30-2009 Multichannel News
Spotlight on Broadband at Upcoming National Show 01-28-2009 B&C
McSlarrow: Net Neutrality Law Not Needed 05-06-2008 Multichannel News
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