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  • RAMP Mobile Unveiled for Mobile Content Optimization

    At the NAB Show today, RAMP launched "RAMP Mobile," a clever solution for taking existing web content - text, images, audio and video - and completely optimizing it for consumption on mobile devices. RAMP mobile addresses a critical pain point created by the rapid growth of mobile web users trying to access web site content  formatted for online use. Last week, RAMP's CEO Tom Wilde walked me through how the solution works and what the user experience looks like.

    The best way to understand RAMP Mobile is that it essentially deconstructs existing web sites down to their core content objects, and then reconstructs them into mobile-friendly apps. In this respect, the traditional "container" of a web site becomes unnecessary for the mobile web. This is a theme that RAMP has been emphasizing for a while now, with its content optimization focus.

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