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  • Are QR Codes the Next Big Thing for Magazines' Video?

    Most likely you've noticed the black and white puzzle-looking square images popping up all over the place, known as "QR codes." I've been curious about them but I've never had a call to action.

    That changed recently when I was reading an article about Larry Baer, president of the San Francisco Giants, winner of last year's World Series, in my business school alumni magazine. It was a fascinating article about how Baer and his partners had surmounted all kinds of odds to take an underfunded losing team and completely turn them around, all while endearing themselves to their local community through tons of outreach.

    Because my world is so video-centric, as I was reading the article, I periodically thought, "Wow, I'd love to see this guy and really learn more about his style." Alas, a print magazine has traditionally had little opportunity to deliver on that expectation. However, there at the end of the article was a QR code, with the message "Scan the mobile bar code with your smartphone to see Larry Baer talking about applying his HBS training to baseball decision-making."  

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