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Analysis for 'MediaMorph'

  • Mediamorph Raises $8 Million to Track and Measure All Digital Assets

    Mediamorph, a cloud-based service which tracks and measures all digital assets across all digital platforms, has raised an additional $8 million, from Smedvig Capital and Motorola Mobility. Co-founder and Chairman Shahid Khan told me that the funding will be used primarily to expand into Europe and to strengthen its range of service offerings. Total funding raised to date is $11 million.

    Mediamorph addresses a key pain point for content providers: as digital distribution platforms multiply, there is massive complexity in cohesively tracking and measuring viewership by platform and then determining the compensation due per contractual terms. Shahid said the company now has relationships with 350 different distributors from which it receives usage data on behalf of content provider clients such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, HBO, Starz and others. Mediamorph accepts either structured or unstructured data, crunches it, and then provides a cloud-based, customizable dashboard so that clients can see exactly how their assets are performing either as a whole, or with specific outlets like iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

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  • MediaMorph Lands $2 Million To Help Track and Manage Digital Assets

    MediaMorph, a Software-as-a-Service provider that helps media companies track and manage their digital businesses across platforms, has raised an additional $2 million. The investors were not disclosed. The new financing brings to $3.5 million the total amount raised to date. MediaMorph has also announced a business development alliance with United Talent Agency.

    Recently I spoke with Shahid Khan, MediaMorph's chairman and chief strategist to learn more about MediaMorph. Shahid was formerly a senior partner at IBB Consulting, a well-known firm in the online video and digital media industries.

    Shahid explained that MediaMorph is trying to address the increasing business complexity media companies experience as they digitally distribute their video and other assets to multiple outlets. MediaMorph isn't a content or ad management provider, rather, it offers the software tools to track and report on where assets have been scheduled and delivered so that accurate reports and billing can be performed.

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