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  • Transpera Raises $8.25M Series B, Builds Out Mobile Video Services

    Meanwhile, Transpera, which I wrote about previously here, is also announcing today an $8.25M Series B round, including new investor Labrador Ventures and existing investors Flybridge Capital Partners, Intel Capital and First Round Capital.

    The mobile video space is earlier stage than broadband, but is coming on strong. At the recent Digital Hollywood Fall, I ran into Transpera CEO/founder Frank Barbieri, who told me that the company's phones are ringing off the hook from content providers seeking a turnkey mobile video distribution and monetization platform (recall that Transpera is both a technology provider and a mobile ad network). He explained that for now, customers are focused on the basics: getting their video out there and getting paid for it. Other more interactive features are less important, at least for now.

    We touched on mobile video briefly at my two panels earlier this week. There's definite excitement, particularly in light of the iPhone's rapid acceptance. Wherever I go, people seem to accept as an inevitable that there's strong consumer appetite for mobile video. Transpera seems well-positioned to capitalize on this.

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