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Analysis for 'Hollywood Video'

  • Hollywood Video's Closing Underscores End of Video Rental Store Era

    When it was reported earlier this week that Hollywood Video, once the 2nd largest operator of video rental stores, would close all its remaining stores, it was further evidence of how much the landscape for movie rentals has changed. When you stop and think about it, it wasn't really that long ago when Hollywood Video, Blockbuster and other rental stores dotted America's cities and towns, making rentals a short drive or walk away (no matter how short though, if the movie wasn't returned promptly major late fees kicked in).

    Fast forward to today, and electronic delivery options abound, but with lots of quirks consumers need to understand. As I wrote recently in "The Battle Over Movie Rentals is Intensifying," the options vary and include VOD, download to rent and own, subscription access, DVD purchase, etc. And the devices through which consumers access movies is dizzying - set-top boxes, special purpose appliances, game consoles, DVRs, mobile devices, iPads, etc. Even still, there is so much more yet to happen with movie delivery as wireless and wired broadband coverage expands, HD online delivery increases, portability between devices happens and so on.

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