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Analysis for 'CriticalTV'

  • Critical Mention Releases Snazzy New CriticalTV 4.0

    After 2 months of beta, this morning Critical Mention is introducing the 4.0 version of CriticalTV, its broadcast TV and radio intelligence platform, which captures and digitizes 24/7 streams from over 1,000 media sources on 4 continents (including all 210 U.S. TV markets). The streams are then indexed and instantly searchable by clients. Critical's CEO Sean Morgan gave me a demo of CriticalTV 4.0's new features earlier this week which impressively expose broadcast assets for online/mobile use.

    Sean explained that Critical has activated 240 data centers that are now ingesting a whopping 27 hours of media every 60 seconds. In effect Critical is digitally capturing an encyclopedia of TV and radio news around the clock. The real secret sauce to CriticalTV though are the tools it gives to its 600+ mostly PR and corporate communications clients to monitor, mine and flexibly distribute the broadcast assets that are uniquely valuable to them.

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