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  • College Network To Mine Value of Universities' Sports Video Archives

    Sports continues its role as a leading online video innovator, as this morning College Network, a division of CBS Interactive, is announcing an initiative to enable its 175 university partners to mine the value of their extensive sports video libraries, in a new partnership with technology provider Thought Equity Motion. Last week Rob Schupler, College Network's SVP of University Relations and Dan Weiner, VP of Marketing and Products at Thought Equity Motion briefed me on their plans.

    Rob explained that College Network has a broad mandate with its university partners - to create their web sites, manage content, help build their fan bases, protect their brands and monetize through different business models. A key area of fan interest has been audio and video content, which is often available through premium subscriptions. However, when it comes to archived video content, the sites have mainly only offered a tiny fraction of what's in their vaults, usually just highlights from the past season. Rob said that the traditionally manual process of producers accessing archived content made providing a richer assortment operationally and economically unviable.

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