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  • Metadata, Content Discovery and the Future of Audience Engagement

    The television viewing experience has changed dramatically over the last few years, moving from a TV set in the living room to mobile devices with HD screens that travel wherever you go. Not only has the device that we watch TV on changed, but the dynamic of how we watch has also undergone a fundamental change. TV viewing is no longer a family activity, with multiple family members watching the same show.  Rather, it’s now an individual activity, with different members of the family watching different programming at the same time, often in the same room.  

    For content distributors and programmers, the effects of this shift are further exacerbated due to the sheer volume of quality video content being produced and widely available to consumers.

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  • Let's Get Real: TV Isn't Close to Dying and Here's a Great Slide Deck Proving It

    There is no doubt the TV industry is changing dramatically, largely due to the rise of online and mobile video viewing. But is it "dying," "imploding" or being "nuked" as some recent tech media headlines assert? No, not yet anyway. As a close observer of all things video, it's just mind-boggling sometimes to see how data is conflated to support distorted conclusions. If your company's product strategy were guided by today's headlines alone, you'd be on a course to disaster.

    To help set things straight, Piksel's Alan Wolk has put together a really good slide deck with data debunking 7 of the bigger myths floating around these days (1) cord-cutting is a mass movement, (2) kids ignore mainstream TV, (3) your pay-TV provider is the one forcing you to pay for 800 channels, (4) cutting the cord lets you stick it to the cable company, (5) second screen is all about social TV, (6) TV viewing has decreased and (7) in the future we'll be able to watch TV wherever, whenever and however we want.

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